Night Spleen

by Sleep Terminal

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released January 22, 2016

Written by Joe.



all rights reserved


Sleep Terminal Sheffield, UK

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Track Name: Cult Deprogramming
Searching for someone
To help me find myself
Someone with hypnotic
Serpent Eyes
Leads me outside
Does all my thinking just for me

We gave ourselves
So easily
Close all our eyes
Not to see
Master shut down
All of my thoughts
Conduct your flesh orchestra

Abducted by
My family
The one that still use
My old name
They take me down
To the basement room
I go into a trance
Like you taught me to
Until you rescue me
Rescue me

It feels the same
As the first time
My induction
Into you
Track Name: Let Our Children Go! (Everthing Is A Cult)
Evangelists make me want to slit wrists
I don't care if they're mine or yours
They say they're glad you came as they give you your new name
And set you to work on the farm

Ted Patrick says that it's nothing to do with religion
He says "Let our children go!"
But he fails to see the blatant irony
And fights brainwashing with brainwashing with brainwashing with brainwashing

Which flavour kool aid will you choose?
Which flavour kool aid will you choose?
Everything is a cult!
Your government is a cult!
Your religion is a cult!
Your atheism is a cult!
Your girl friend is a cult!
Your freedom is a cult!
Your depression is a cult!
Everything is a cult!
I am a cult!
I am a cult!
Track Name: Dysphoria Days
I put a coin in
Her system has lost all of its grace
She seemed so absent
Lived our her dysphoria...

And i know it's not the same
But i think i'll animate
What i want not what i need
but it's alright alright

I found my safe out
Wondering round Ebeneeza street
And nothing seemed right
A coin operated night
And it never seems clear
But i'm alright alright
Why did i forget how to dream
Is it alright? alright?
Track Name: The Max Headroom Broadcast Signal Intrusion
Your love is fading
Your love is fading
Track Name: Glass Castle Heart Fortress
I keep hearing silence punching through my head
I build glass castles out of sand
A simple fortress round the beating red
Cut out a heart that guides a hand

I keep seeing darkness punching through my head
I step outside now into distant lands
We are deciet in all its ragged threads
Cut out a heart that guides a hand

Save me
I'm crumbling down
Take me
Far Away